Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the new year and blogging writer’s block


If I were the type that ascribed to new age philosophies, I would have to say that there must be something in the stars.

Hold on… wait… oh yeah, I am a new age ascribing kinda girl… So there really must be something in the stars because it seems like the blogging writer’s block is everywhere I turn. I mean, I read a lot of blogs and every time I turn around lately, it seems like someone out there in blogland is talking about not having much to say or questioning which direction they want to go with their blog.

And yet only a few weeks ago, my google reader account was overwhelmed with an influx of posting. So much so that I just couldn’t keep up. Was it the holiday rush? Or the end of the year blogging countdown, review of 2009, sharing of holiday inspiration, or was it something else? Perhaps we are all just experiencing a momentary post holiday slump?

Or crashing from the holiday sugar rush?

Don’t get me wrong, some of us out here on the wide world web of Internet land (yes, I rearranged the words on purpose) are feeling the inspiration. Perhaps we are just on opposite ends of the biorhythm chart?

Or perhaps those inspired writers are just not living in the colder climes I inhabit?

Whatever it is, I too am experiencing the post new year’s lull. Instead of blogging, I’m reading, or knitting. I am in hibernation mode and my energy is focused inwards at the moment while I work through some personal re-evaluations. Perhaps a few more days of introspection are all that’s needed before inspiration strikes again? Who knows. Suffice to say, I’ll be back.

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