Thursday, February 4, 2010

blue, green living room

colour inspiration
pictures found above are from a file I’ve been collecting for a while, most are from the old Domino magazine, some from Apartment Therapy, and a couple from HGTV (as far as I can remember… I didn’t do a good job of saving the files with credits… my bad!)

My brother has arrived safely, the realtor’s have taken their pictures, and we’ve had our 1st visits. All in all, the future is coming, whether we’re ready for it or not! Which means that it’s time to start thinking about decorating! Yup, maybe other people would focus on boxes and packing and sorting but me, me I’m all about the decorating!

As you may be able to tell, I’m currently digging the blue/green combinations. We’re painting in our new digs this weekend and I’m eyeing up a shade of green to go with our slate blue/grey couches.

green living room

The photo on the far right is our current living room and these are a few of the greens I’ve been playing with. So far I’ve ruled out the one on the bottom right (#6) because it’s just too much and probably #3 (mid left) because it’s too pastel. I’m sort of more drawn too the top 2, and the mid right. But maybe bottom left would be ok? Not sure… Big decisions to be made between now and Saturday!


  1. I vote for #1. But where is the web site where you can do that to photos of your home???

  2. I did it on this site:



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