Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Now that we know that the condo is practically sold, it feels like things are going to start settling down again (we won’t be moving until about mid May). Yay… a little calm in my life will be a good thing. Between condo selling, brother settling in, going to Nia twice a week, and some shifts in my job definition at work, things have been a little too crazy as of late.


Speaking of my brother, things are going relatively well. Though I have to admit that I have a new found appreciation for parents of teens. The age is quite interesting, to say the least. It’s amazing how a few years on our own really changes how we perceive things and make the shift from “mom will do it” to “shit, I have to take care of this because no one else will.”


The biggest shift though, is really being felt in our grocery bills. With my brother around, we’re going through things that we used to never finish, like milk. Before we’d search for the longest expiry date in the organic milk section… and hope that we’d finish the stuff in time. Now, well… we bought milk on Sunday and it’s Wednesday morning and we’re almost out already. The same for the sugar and various other goods.


Of course, the irony is that it’s all the things that I’m adamant about buying organic that are being consumed rapidly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re not wasting, it’s a definite perk… but I’m not so sure if we’re going to be able to afford my ethics in shopping at this rate!  :)


In other news, it looks like we’re off to Tremblant this weekend. While everyone else skis, I’m going to relax in front of the fire and cook up a storm!

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