Saturday, March 20, 2010

debunking the virgin myth

Warning… this post is crass!

I’m so sick of our global fetishization of virginity. Get over it already! I don’t know why society continues to place such a premium on virginity and purity when really it only adds up to a lack of sexual experience.  I’m tired of the hypocritical double standard that turns women with sexual experience into sluts and men with sexual experience into rakes. I’m tired of hearing my female friends tell me about downplaying their sexual experience in order to appear more likeable to insecure men.

Once, a very long time ago, I was having this conversation with my cherry popping boyfriend and he told me that I’ll always remember my first. And he wasn’t wrong, I do remember my first. I’m not sure that it’s the memory that I’d want to be remembered by, but hey… if that’s what floats your boat! Personally I think the memory of my first sexual experience when I had an orgasm is a much better memory….

Yeah, sorry, that was pretty graphic wasn’t it? But what can I say, when I see shit like this:

Ad brought to you by Benostan: Vaginal tightening gel for women above 40.

it just gets my back up and brings out my brash talking, feminist rant. I can’t stand the way people continue to buy into this sexual purity myth. I mean, what the hell is the difference between a well used vagina and a well used penis. Really? Why is there such a premium put on female tightness and innocence when the last thing I’d want in my bed is a partner who doesn’t know what they want, how to ask for it, and is unsure what to do with it all. I’m all for teaching a partner about your kinks and quirks, but teaching them everything. HELLS NO!

So a cream that panders to the recreation of said identity… well that just makes me livid. Ladies, your 40 year old twat, cunt, vagina [insert any other word you like here] has earned her keep. Embrace her, love her, and know that she doesn’t need any changing. Stop buying into this myth that being young and inexperienced is better and is what will make your partner happier. My 33 year old sexual self is far more liberal, confident, fun, and a damned helluva lot more skilled than my tight 23 old ass was! I can’t wait to see what 40 will bring.

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