Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the evolution of knowledge and religious texts

Don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes I can't help but wonder at the fact that the world still believes in the same religions that were formed before we knew the earth was round or that bacteria existed, amongst other things.

It just strikes me as odd, when you look at it from a purely logical, academic point of view, that we adhere to religions that were recorded at a time when people still believed that a storm was a sign of god's wrath. Or laws guiding human behaviour and understanding of the nature of the world were codified but we had no understanding of how rain is formed.

I know that there are plenty of scientific minded devout individuals out there and I'm not pointing fingers at their faith. I'm just in awe at the fact that the words of the Torah, Koran, or Bible are still set in stone and not open for change or revision when our understanding of the world we live in has changed so very much since those words were written.

I'm just saying.... when I think about it, it just strikes me as odd that these sacred texts are cemented in time even though knowledge is fluid, and yet we do nothing to modify or update these texts to reflect the evolution of our world view/understanding. Sure the stories still have meaning and we can understand them allegorically and all that, but are they really all that accessible to the modern world any more?

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