Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have an amazing partner who does equal, if not more, housework than I do. However, on a car ride to work the other day, the radio station hosts were talking about a recent report in the news that noted that men do 14hrs of housework a week (which is a significant improvement from past numbers). In this calculation, approx 6hrs of that housework included childcare.

While I commend many men for stepping up and helping out more around the house, somehow I can’t help but find those 14 hours laughable, especially when 6hrs count for child care. I’d be hard pressed to find a mother out there who claims to spend only 6hrs a week in childcare.

So I started googling… and it turns out that while the average man spends about 14hrs a week on housework, the average woman spends 28hrs a week on house/childcare. In fact, statistically a single woman will spend 12hrs a week, but after marrying and having children, her work load doubles, even triples. No wonder men live longer when they’re married!

So ladies, apparently the best thing you can do for yourself is to:

a. Luck out and find a lovely partner like mine who shares the workload equally


b. Stay single, forgo children and marriage, and live a longer, less burdened life!

[Insert eye roll and sarcasm] And people complain that women make more of a fuss about the work they do….

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