Saturday, March 6, 2010

poking fun at canadians

by K Beaton
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Ok, so I know that the Olympics are over and the media went on and on about how lovely and friendly and nice we Canadians are. But you know what? I’m really confused by this perception of Canadian niceness.

I mean, ok, we tend to take our politics laying down (that’s the polite version of my opinion… don’t ask). But the average Canadian citizen doesn’t really strike me as being any nicer than an American or any other country for that matter.

Hell, on my first trip to Europe at the wee age of 18 that I discovered the sheer helpfulness of the Dutch. Upon arriving in Amsterdam, we asked the woman working at a pizza stand where the tram was and she walked us to the tram and told the driver where we were going before leaving us. The driver then made sure we knew which stop to get off at, and gave us directions to the general area we were headed in. Then we actually met a Dutch woman who went out of her way to find out information for us after we asked her a question she couldn’t answer. (She actually left us, continued on her way, then asked someone else who knew and brought them to us to give us an answer… we were looking for our hostel). It was then that I felt the most pride in being part Dutch that I have ever felt in my life.

So why Canadians seem to have the stereotype of being so nice, much nicer and politer than other nations and peoples…. well, it just strikes me as odd and puzzles me to no end. But it does make for some funny jokes!

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