Monday, April 26, 2010

how the cat adjusts to her new home


Taking a few minutes from the front lines (aka unpacking) to update


We’ve finished the move and are now settling into our new digs. Mayla, my ever camera loving, attention suck of a cat, is of course also settling in and testing out all of the new nooks and crannies:


ps, I in no way endorse allowing your cat to sleep in garbage bags… once the cute photo op was finished, the cat was promptly ushered (gently of course, no animal abuse here) out of the bag and said bag removed from access!


Testing out Paul’s new papasan bowl chair and finding it good….


And now back to the boxes…

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful cat! I'm a cat lover!! Had FIVE in my house at one time LOL! That was a little crazy but I loved it! Now I'm back down to only 1...

    Love the blog! I'm going to be a follower!



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