Thursday, April 15, 2010

ladybug cards

I admit it, I have a card making problem…

IMG_2742   IMG_2740

But ladybugs! How can I resist? I love the ladybugs. To some extent I’m still struggling to know when to accept that less is more and let the card be instead of adding another element. For example, I’m still debating whether or not I should add the black lining (like in card 3) into card 1 or not. For now I’m leaving it alone but who knows what will strike my fancy in a little while…

Anyways… don’t you just love the ladybugs? Next up? Maybe some owls!!!!


  1. I think you should add black lining to card 1
    ps. I love ladybugs too


  2. Ok... will do! Cause I was leaning towards doing it and now 2 votes in favour of the lining means that it's a go!

  3. Very cute cards. Did you make the ladybugs? Can't wait to see the owl cards.

  4. @Cat. No I didn't make the ladybugs, they are stickers from K&Company... but that's a good idea... I should totally try to make my own once we've finished moving and my craft stuff is unpacked again! Thanks for the idea.



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