Monday, April 19, 2010

paper and paint


For years I have been immersed in the world of words.  My bookworm soul dominated my being with its love of literature and took over my life to such an extent that I forgot that I once upon a time, I was a lover of all arts. Don’t get me wrong, I love books and always will. One day, I would like to see my name in print, author of the novels that are floating about in my cranium. But the thing is, life in academia had taken over my entire world—I work in education, I read all of the time, I love theory (hello, just call me a theory junkie), and think that there are few nobler professions than education (don’t give me any of that “those who can’t, teach” b.s.). But academia took over my world to the point that I felt dull and tired, uninspired and without anything new to offer. For all that theory and ideas, books and art inspire me to think up new ideas, plan new activities, or dream bigger dreams; they don’t lead me to action. So despite all of my great learning and ideas, I feel like I lost my spark somewhere in the midst of my beloved bookshelves.


IMG_2757 Here’s the thing: I only recently came to a rather profound self-realization. I need creativity in my life, every day, in whatever way.  I need to create, whether it’s bad or good, in order to feel fulfilled, in order to feel capable of realizing my dreams and better self.  Oh sure, I knew that I needed balance before and all that, but I didn’t realize to what extent my lack of creativity was stifling my entire being until I fully re-immersed myself into the world of being crafty.



So my newfound love of scrapbooking is spilling over into other areas of my life… Now I’m trying art journaling too.

It’s fun! I like it. Of course, I’m no artist (in that I can’t really draw or at least, it’s not a skill I’ve maintained or developed… I used to be able to draw as a kid – so maybe the skill is in there somewhere… latent but there…).


Anyways, what this all boils down to is that if lately you’ve noticed that I’m not around much I’m either packing (we move this Saturday) or playing with paper and paint!

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