Friday, April 2, 2010

scrapbooking a family album

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I’m currently working on a birthday present for my mother-in-law.

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She’s always saying that she needs to organize her photos and put them into an album

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So I’ve decided that this year I’m going to do the work for her. It’s been fun, because I didn’t know anything about scrapbooking when I started. And to be honest, learning about scrapbooking can be pretty daunting…

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Hopefully she’ll like all my various efforts to compile a book of family mementos. It’s a bit of a challenge to remember that I’m making this for her, not me, thus the photos I chose need to be more sentimental in nature than humorous (which is totally the type of pictures I’d keep… ok I’d keep some normal sentimental pics too… but you know what I mean, right?).

march 2010 124 march 2010 123
Hopefully she’ll appreciate the fact that she’s surrounded by men in her life that are tricksters and that the photos reflect her reality (see above, below…)

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So this is where I’m at in the project. I have a few more pages to go (our wedding, pics of my brother/sister in laws dogs (they’re in a calendar this year) and a couple of other events from the year. I’m not in many/any of the photos so far and I know that this is something of a challenge that scrapbookers write about when you’re the photographer and that it’s important to remember to include yourself in the album… so I figure that the wedding pics and a few others will have to cover it.

I definitely think that some pages worked out more than others, but that’s been part of the learning experience. Switching from playing with digital scrapbooking to traditional scrapbooking has been an interesting exercise as well. Digital is more techie and more polished (which appeals to my desire for smooth edges/borders, etc) but traditional is more fun and creative for me in some ways… maybe it’s because it feels like I’m 5 again and playing with paper and glue? As I get better, I imagine that the things that bother me about the imperfections of traditional scrapbooking will lessen (you know, with the improvement of my skills). Besides, all of the pages you see above are 8x8, which, I’m learning is a bit of a challenge because it doesn’t really give you much room to work with in terms of layering/embellishing the page and balancing the photos.

At the end of the day… yay for paper and glue… so much fun! I really enjoy the process of learning to balance story-telling with images in a way that can be passed on to future generations! It appeals to the history buff in me and makes me want to learn all about my family histories so that I can create a record for posterity.


  1. What a great project Mayra. Your Mother-in-law is going to love this gift. Looks like you are enjoying scrapbooking.

    I recently made a mini book for my Mother in law of her Christmas party with her friends. I posted it on another forum Stop by and visit us if you get a chance. We are a small group but very helpful.

  2. Thanks Cat. I'm still learning but it's a fun process. I just gave her the gift last weekend and I think she really liked it, so I'm glad that all the hard work paid off!



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