Wednesday, April 7, 2010

starting a wedding scrapbook


My mother-in-law seems to have really liked the gift. Apparently now she knows that I love her. She wasn’t sure because I didn’t call for her birthday (I thought Paul calling would be enough but it apparently isn’t). Suffice to say, I must care if I spent the past month working on this project!


So now, I go back to the land of 12x12 in order to create a wedding scrapbook for Paul and I.


Here’s the book’s first page:


We had an Asian inspired wedding, so when I found this page, I thought it was perfect. I decided to keep the elements on the page simple in order to really let the paper speak for itself.

011 012

I only added the image, text, and swirly border stuff, which still distracts from the page but less so than it does in these pics. I had to use flash to get the colours right but that meant that the light bounces off everything BUT the fabric border!

Save the Date page:



For some reason, gold seems to be the dominant colour that I keep playing with. Not sure but I figure it’s sort of Asian inspired, so I’m just going to go with it.





Getting Engaged:


I wanted to try creating a page that told a visual history of us prior to getting engaged, so the pics should all be couple pics that are from before or just around the time we got engaged. Other people’s weddings, new york, bc, cuba… and then the largest image from just after we shared the news!



Paul should thankful that I only said we got engaged in front of Grandma’s… cause his proposal, though in keeping with us, is not the most romantic of tales… more a comedy of errors really. But we like to laugh, so it’s fitting!




So those are my latest adventures in scrapbooking….


I’ve been reading about a more journal based scrapbooking, and I think that once I’m finished this album, I may have to give it a gander! (Ha, I just wanted to write gander!)


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