Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cleaning with vinegar

My husband, ever in search of ways to impress me with his environmental savvy, recently sent this article my way: 25 ways to use vinegar to clean your home. (image from linked article).

It's a good list, though I'm not entirely sure about the logistics of pouring vinegar on your oven door, waiting 5 mins, and then rinsing. Last time I checked, vinegar was pretty liquid and prone to not sticking to things...

Maybe the door is supposed to be open? Not quite sure how you get grease stains on the inside of your oven door, but then again, I'm vegetarian and carrots don't sizzle or produce much grease.


  1. I would also like to suggest one step further:


  2. maybe they sell portable bath tubs for oven doors? I'll have to try and let you know how it all works out because I do have grease stains on my oven door

  3. I like it: vinegar door baths. That could work. It might be a pain in the ass, but doable. Good luck with your degreasage (is that even a word?).



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