Tuesday, May 4, 2010

intermediate eco actions

Earth Day prompted a whole slew of eco action/awareness on blog land and being the intrepid little environmentalist that I am, I followed many of the ideas with a great deal of interest. But what I noticed was that the tips and advice that was put out there tended to be quite simplistic.

• Turn your lights off: check
• Wash in cold water: check
• Use enviro shopping bags: check (in fact, when I was searching my house during our recent move for a plastic bag to wrap our cooking oil bottles in, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I couldn’t find one).
• Hang your clothes to dry: check
• Eat less meat: check

From buying sustainable laundry detergent to detoxifying my medicine cabinet, I’ve crossed all of the basics of environmental awareness off my list. So what is a somewhat green friendly girl to do now? You know, once I’ve covered all the basics? It feels like the internet is awash with a lot of rather basic starter info about going green, but honestly, if you're not already on board with the ideas above well then honestly I'm at a loss as to what to say. Because those ideas, well they've been around for ages now, it's time to really start stepping up our actions. Washing in cold water isn't enough.

So for me, the next steps are: buy less (I don’t really need it anyways); buy clothes that are local, or organic, or come from sustainable companies;  plant my own garden; recycle my bath water (water the plants or flush the toilet with it); and can my own goods from local produce.


  1. I'm looking at learning to sew so I can make some simple clothing and alter second hand pieces I find to make them a little more interesting. Sadly, I still like to shop. :-)

  2. Yeah, you're not alone in the liking to shop. Which is why it's my next action... cause it's where I can make the biggest impact!



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