Wednesday, May 19, 2010

meet my craft room

Paul, in his frustration over having my crafting/art projects explode over the dining room table, gave me the one extra room in our new home for me and my crafts in an effort to tame (or hide) the chaos.

So without futher ado, welcome to my new craft room. Please ignore the chaos, I’m still arranging and sorting (though let's be honest, there's a good chance that chaos will always be on the verge of bursting out).  But for now, I've convinced myself that all I need is some sort of shelving and better organization and then order will come in good time!
craft room 003craft room 004
As you can see, I’ve done nothing with the walls yet. All in good time. I have plans and visions of what will be! But for now, I have my own comfy chair:

craft room 006
While I love the blue and white, I do plan on adding a pop of colour (inspired by my time in India). What do you think?

image source

That’s it for now, I’ll keep you updated once I have the final version up and running!


  1. AWESOME craft room!!!! Congratulations on winning the extra room! I think a dining room table just isn't enough, crafts need their own space.

  2. Oh so true! I love my new craft room. It rocks. I have the bestest, most practical husband for giving me my very own "room of one's own." Not that I suspect that was quite what Woolf had in mind...



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