Thursday, May 20, 2010

my dyslexic fingers

So last week I bombarded you with scrapbooking. This week I suspect I'll be venturing into the inane.

For example, I think I have dyslexic fingers. No seriously. I'm not being trite and I'm not belittling dyslexia (I work with dyslexic students). I'm actually serious here. I can't type my name if my life depending on it. Usually it comes out as Mayra  (not Marya) and .com comes out as .como. Maybe my fingers are Spanish? O maybe they're Italian, after all I did move into the Italian hood of Montreal (see the official St-Leonard dictionary)

In fact, the problem is so bad that if I start thinking of another word I start typing it instead of the word I need to finish. For example: Iact, them probblem is sob bad thaI staring of...

You may think I'm exaggerating but I assure you that I'm not. I really do this more often than I care to admit. Me and the backspace key are VERY good friends. I type fast but with so many errors that it's insane! Whenever I'm working with a student I end up laughing at myself because of my millions of typos and backspaces. (Secretly I think they like it because it makes me seem more human and thus breaks down the barrier between teacher/student for them and they feel more comfortable showing their own weaknesses in writing... I kid you not, I really think this is true).

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  1. I think your fingers are Italian. Yup. They definitely LOOK Italian. Me oh.



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