Tuesday, May 18, 2010

organic plants at a nursery near me???

My partner and I are talking about planting flowers next weekend, which has raised the question: where do we purchase said flowers?

So far, our options seem to be the following:
  • A local nursery (carrots for supporting local business, and hopefully though not necessarily, local planting)
  • Our neighbourhood Home Depot/Loblaws etc… (Cheap, cost effective way of greening our living space. Carrots for greening, Sticks for toxic greening)
  • Costco (we just purchased a membership—which comes with problems: hello over consumption much? However I justify it because bulk purchases of goods like flour and sugar (which my brother consumes like a fiend) are more sustainable than smaller containers and more packaging). Plants on the other hand, don’t strike me as being a sustainable choice
  • Going to our local market (Carrots for supporting the market, but sticks for not knowing where the flowers are coming from, whether their sustainable, organic, etc, etc)
  • Finding a local, ethical nursery in my surrounding area (Major carrot points here but a quick google search hasn’t offered up much in the way of information—I can find seeds, but nothing already grown)
The conclusion: this year I’m going non-organic, non-sustainable and NEXT year, I’ll plan ahead and buy my non-GMO flowers and veggies. Who knew that it’d be so hard to come by eco friendly plants!?

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