Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wedding scrapbook: bookring bearers

scrapbook 001

Another wedding scrapbook page. Just you wait, you think you're tired of seeing them already but there are oh so many more to go!

Saturday morning my nephews came up to visit and we played with auntie Marya's stamps. In keeping with their stamping pleasures, I thought that I'd stack this page with fun stamps, just for them. I think they'll like seeing themselves with all those stamps!


One of the things that I find difficult is the journaling aspect of scrapbooking. Coming up with titles and journal pages is really tricky for me. I think I might be over-thinking the process. I want the info to be relevant to the picture, but also something that my kid will enjoy reading one day, and I find that really hard to figure out. I mean, what details do you add when you've either talked a subject out, have created several scrapbook pages on the event already, or are looking for something pertinent to one particular photo? Therein lies my conundrum: too much thought going into choosing the right words!

Here I opted to talk about our show stopping cute nephews. Some thought it was strange that we had no flower girl but honestly, given that we have no nieces, we felt that having both our nephews was more fitting. They were so nervous that they had to be walked down the aisle, but they were adorable in their little suits. Crap, I should have written that too!

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