Friday, May 7, 2010

wedding scrapbook: lessons in scrapbooking

I’ve been avoiding scrapbooking for the past little while as I have been busy exploring other creative outlets a lot lately. I’ve made cards galore and have started art journaling. In true Marya form, I have a million projects on the go at once. So I thought it was time to unpack more of my craft room and get to work on another wedding scrapbook page:

wedding scrapbook 001I used some new K&Co stickers that I received from my secret sister (via Simply Scrapping) and various pages that I had in my stash. I should keep track of these things for blogging purposes, but honestly, the fact that the pages are even somewhat organized is miracle enough! I cut the brown page shorter so that I could add the green backdrop for journaling.

wedding scrapbook 003
The ribbons on the page come from leftover wedding supplies (cream from my bouquet and the floral ribbon from the ring books I made). I felt like the page needed some pop so I cut out flowers from another page and layered them onto this one (some are flush with the paper, others raised on 2 different level foamy stickers).

wedding scrapbook 005In order to make the photo pop more, I sponge painted the cream background (behind the photo) with gold ink and water and added gold to the paper trimming around the background.  Paul thinks the photo still blends in too much but I was kind of looking for a more monochromatic effect so it doesn’t bother me that much. What do you think? I could go back in and add a second sponge colour or pull up the photo and add another contrast paper colour (probably the same green I used for the top and bottom).

The other problem with the page is the way the ribbon gathered. I think I pulled one part tighter than the other and now I need to go back and loosen it so both gathers look the same. Ironically, the gather that you see in the photo above looked nicer off the page than the one on the left (see top photo). But now I’d like both gathers to look like the left hand one. But it was the first time that I tried to gather a ribbon, based on my guesstimation of how it would be done, so it’s not terrible. It actually photographs worse than it looks.


  1. I think it's a gorgeous page! Really nice colour palette. If you were wanting to make the photo pop without taking away from the overall colour scheme you could consider creating an outline around it using one of the colours from the cluster of flowers. Nicely done lady!

  2. thanks. I think I'll leave the colours as is because I don't want to go in and add something and then ruin it all, you know?



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