Monday, June 28, 2010

feeling grateful and blessed, and darn excited about the state of things…

A few weeks ago I felt a little like I was living alone in my creative bubble, but after a couple of conversations with some crafty friends, I’m feeling happily ensconced in a circle of creative friends with plans stewing on the back burner. It’s sort of funny how life happens that way. Here I was, sorta feeling a little sorry for my lonesome crafty self, thinking alack, alas, I have no crafty friends.


But life and the universe have a way of reminding you that if you ask for it, eventually, you will find it.


I’m a little nervous to admit that before I really know for sure that it’s fully there for me (cause it’s all sorta tentative and nebulous at the moment and I don’t want to jinx myself) but I promised myself that I would make more effort to share my enthusiasms as they came…..


So I’m excited. Between having another crafty friend who wants to check out this new local sewing café and potentially try her hand at a craft fair with me in the fall, and another friend who wants to try a block printing linens venture and try selling them at a market in the Eastern Townships… things are starting to shape up into something unexpected. And wonderful!

And all it took was me starting to admit it, put it out there, and talk about it with people who are already in my life.


Who knew? Here I was, wishing for creative crafty friends, which duh, I have in abundance, and now, block printing, paper folding, and business card making… oh my!


And frankly, it’s all kinda exciting! That’s right, I’m excited.


  1. Am i one of your crafty friends? Hahahah, can't wait for our crafty thursday.
    It made me happy and excited to read your post and see all the amazing stuff you're doing!
    Stay excited and crafty darling!

  2. I'm so excited too!!! Hurrah for being crafty!!



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