Friday, June 4, 2010

green themes

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Recent adventures in Marya-land: mini golf!

 adventures 014adventures 023

Nature walks (with so much dandelion fluff it looks like snow)!

adventures 036adventures 037 

Paul, being typical Paul

more may 001

8x10 canvas work in progress.

Come to think of it, there’s a lot of green going on in this post. Hmmm… interesting.

Now that I’ve painted a couple of things on canvas I have to admit that I think I prefer the wood block canvas over the actual canvas. (Of course I would like the wood… it’s more expensive… I always go for the more expensive option…. go figure, it’s an uncanny knack of mine). The reasons why I like wood more: Canvas takes longer to dry, absorbs the paint more (so you use more, even with gesso) and is more springy.

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  1. I love your paintings so far!!! Awesome. On the wood vs canvas debate, I am all over the wood (sigh - insert dirty snicker here), but here it's much cheaper than canvas as well. Perhaps we are using different products...



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