Sunday, June 20, 2010

here’s what i’ve been up too lately…

I know that I haven’t been writing as much lately, but there’s a good reason… I’ve been very busy painting up a storm.

Wanna see?

Yeah, I know you do…

june 2010 005 june 2010 002

Oh but wait, there’s more…

june 2010 009 

coasters (which I’m not too thrilled with, but they’re made… I might add another element to them before sealing them up, we’ll see)



and shadow boxes:

june 2010 008

bubbles and backgrounds that remind me of the Haindl tarot, which I love

june 2010 007 june 2010 003

And then, of course because I love my ladies so much, a combo of a lady and the bubble-licious background:

june 2010 006

As you can see, I’ve been busy lately. It’s a weird shift for me, going from writing all the time to painting, but I think it’s a good break. In fact, Paul has tentatively agreed to let me paint a big painting for our bedroom. I can’t wait to paint something larger than 10x10. So exciting!


  1. tentatively agreed? What's his decision going to be based on? I would wholeheartedly agree if I were him. Also, I want your coasters. My sister loves butterflies and those would be perfect for her new apartment. We should talk numbers!

  2. lady, you can have 'em. honest. I made them but I don't know what to do with them (we have WAY too many coasters in our house). I can add something more, or just shellack the hell of them and pass them on! if you're really interested, we can meet up and you can decide when you see them in person. I'd be happy to send them off to a good home!



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