Thursday, June 17, 2010

learning new art techniques

image june 2010 088
Detail of Art Journal painting by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer detail of recent attempts by yours truly to master the technique used in the eyes done by the artist on the left.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m still new at this whole world of art and there is a pretty steep learning curve going on for yours truly.


When I like something that catches my eye, I try it out for size. Many of the techniques I’ve been playing with have been adaptations of things I see in other’s work. Here, as seen above, is my attempts at playing with an eye technique that I thought made for stunning eyes.


Now obviously, as I have mentioned before, I think it’s important to know when to draw the line between what is copying for instructional purposes and downright plagiarism of someone else’s style/work. The question is, how do you know when you’ve crossed said line? Is my work, which is so directly inspired by hers, plagiarism? Is it far enough from the original? Would it matter to anyone in the long run if I used it?


Here’s the thing: I feel like if I’m asking these questions then the answer is yes. I cannot take this new skill and market it as my own at this point. Until I manage to work it into my own style and make it mine, the line, although hazy (after all my version of the eyes is still different) hasn’t really become mine yet. 


But I’m working on it…


  1. If it's worth anything here, in my opinion your eyes have a completely different style than the ones that inspired them. I can see where the inspiration has come in, but the overall aesthetic sensibility is vastly different. When you use existing works as an inspiration point it's easy to feel that you've stolen something, but the thing to remember is that very rarely did that artist come to their technique without having been inspired in just the same way by someone else. And really, while I know you don't feel like you have a personal style just yet, from the outside it very much appears that you do. :-)

  2. ange, you're so sweet. thanks. it's true, and ironically, i was thinking about exactly the same thing as i was writing the post. i think that i'm so caught up in the questions that float around the internet about things being copied and sold for a profit, that i'm uber paranoid to contributing to that cycle, you know?

    but you're right and i do know that what i've done is still different enough to count as my own. i think mostly what i wanted to talk about, but it sort of came out wrong, was the way that i go about learning new skills, you know, since i haven't taken an art class since grade 8. because i learn one thing from one person and another from someone else, i think i tend to see what i've done as a hodge podge mish mash of other styles and not my own yet.... but yes, again you're right. i've made my own style from that...



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