Friday, June 11, 2010

the requisite squam post

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welcome to squam lake. isn’t it lovely and zen?

this post is a long time coming because i’ve been chewing on the experience since getting home.

first up: block printing with lizzy house

so i originally took this course knowing very little about lizzy and partially because i didn’t want to take 2 courses with the same teacher. it seemed like it would be interesting, so i thought why not.

i’m really glad that i did. she was an endearing and lovely teacher and a fun project. i really enjoyed making my own prints and designs. and really, all the new stamps i can make… woo hoo… yeah, i’m totally stoked about it!

look ma, no hands:

squam2010 136 squam2010 133

and look, it’s exciting, my prints are famous. see 1, 2 & 3!

and not to be forgotten, my totally clueless dork moment in which i really reveal myself as not being a serious knitter. in my block printer class i was sharing a table with casey from ravelry and innocently asked him how he started working there, only to be told that he and his wife were the ones who built the site. yeah. open mouth, insert foot! to be fair, he was modest and gracious about it. but yeah, total knitting luddite over here!

next up was book in a day with christine mason miller and marisa haedike. both ladies were so sweet and nurturing and enthusiastic. anything goes was their motto for the class: you asked, they said yes. christine had prepared little welcome cards with affirmations inside. mine read: you are a treasure. it was sweet and probably exactly what i needed to hear at that moment, so fitting. yeah… i’m a fan of the daily inspiration cards… i admit it. 

doesn’t my classroom look amazing? i met a fellow montrealer in the class, i think we were the only ones there so it was great that we actually met.

squam2010 018 squam2010 012squam2010 013  squam2010 019

here’s 2 pics of one of my books, and then a random assortment of the beautiful books that my classmates created.  it was really amazing to see all the ideas that everyone came up with. honestly, i was awed by what others managed to come up with by the end of the day. i felt like a real slouch for not doing nearly as much as many others did with their books (as in crazy great ideas and beautiful images on the inside pages of their books as well as the outer book itself). but don’t you worry, i got ideas people… big ideas…

squam2010 140   squam2010 138squam2010 029 squam2010 028

next up, my cabin, you know, before i forget…

i’m officially a fan of rocking chairs now. yup, it’s a fact. sitting on our screened porch, with a glass of wine, good company and the beautiful surroundings… it was so relaxing.  speaking of which, i had lovely roommates, it was fun to stay with them. in fact, we were joking that we might have been the only 3 non-knitters in the entire camp. not true, but there were a lot of passionate knitters there. i’m awed by their mad skills, really. amazing knitted creations abounded about camp!

squam2010 057 squam2010 036 squam2010 045

every night there was some sort of cafe/performance. from the hilarious talk by stephanie pearl-mcphee, who had me laughing so hard i was crying—even though i was stressed and sitting in the front row, waiting in fear of being outted as a non-knitter… do a few scarves count?, to the lovely story telling of my final teacher, jen lee

squam2010 041

the poor woman was crazy sick from allergies, yet she managed to valiantly pull through and create a very intimate story telling class as my last course. we sat by a cozy fire, listened to each others stories and had a mellow morning. it was a lovely way to end my workshop before going off to swim, write, and take pictures on saturday afternoon.

squam2010 114

overall it was a lovely, zen workshop. the teachers were all super approachable and friendly. the space was gorgeous and all the people there incredibly warm and welcoming.

would i go back? probably, but maybe not to the spring session which focuses so much on knitting and fabric. i think that maybe the fall session would be more up my alley.

all in all, i’m really glad i went, even if my car nearly died on the drive home. (yes, lucy has been in the shop on and off now for a couple of days…. first the engine, then the car alarm) all i can say is thank god that quebec roads are so bumpy, they really helped mask the weird engine thingy! but she’s all better now, i’m settled back in, and have gotten my bearings again.

it’s hard you know, coming back to reality after being so relaxed in the woods!

ps. did i mention that i saw a real live wild turkey on my drive home? yeah, it was humongous! crazy!!!!


  1. Sounds like a super great time. Where exactly is this place?
    Great blog BTW from Totes and Handbags by Ms.Karen

  2. It was lovely. It's in New Hampshire, on Squam lake.



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