Friday, July 9, 2010

building a crafty business

I’m not really sure if I want to build a crafty business or a sideline hobby project, but either way, I’m attempting to make it somewhat professional in nature.

Things that I’ve been doing to nurture this project:

1. Rebuilding the website slowly but surely to make it seem more polished (see graphics) and the inclusion of a store page (which you can see at the top of the page, beneath the header) in order to link this blog to my etsy page


2. Designing a business card that fit the main premise of the goods I’m selling (origami ornaments) and was clean, simple, and most of all, Zen:


I know that others liked the block print vibe that I tested out before, but I wanted the cards to have a professional feel to them. So I uploaded my block printed origami crane (not the bird because it reminded me too much of twitter). I think that I’ll print them on cream or beige paper (preferably recycled). What do you think?

I’m debating having the link to etsy there directly, or if I’d rather just send them to my website and would love feedback on the question

option a: only website.

Pros: That it’s my name brand right from the get go

Cons: Maybe the blogging home page might be a bit off putting? Too personal?

Solution:? I could try to have a home start page and then a tab for the blog? Not sure how that would work in terms of technical questions though…

option b: 2 websites

Pros: no crazy formatting required (which is good, cause let’s face it, my coding only goes so far… you know)

Cons: it’s kinda confusing and messes with my Zen model… :P

3. Next up, building my etsy shop:

a. I created a new banner to reflect my shops primary focus. What do you think? Again, keep in mind that I’m working on a simple, clean look. (yeah, who knew I’d try being so minimalistic?)


b. filling up my etsy shop. Slowly but surely I’m working on building up more of a collection and keeping my ornaments at the top of the page by posting more often. Some of the problems that I foresee with that include: the price starts adding up and what if it doesn’t pay off and the fact that it takes a lot of time

Things that I have to work on:

1. My photos! I need to master the art of taking artsy photos that capture my products without reflections. I’ve been reading up about glass photography but I haven’t had the chance to put my readings to use yet.

2. New products. I have dreams of creating several other goodies beyond the ornaments but haven’t had the time to really get them done. These include:

Jewellery storage shadow boxes

Block printed items (co-venture with a friend)

More artwork

As you can see, I have many plans in mind but am sort of lacking the time to get everything done at the moment. But the possibilities are endless! So much more on my mind, but this is long enough for today!

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  1. You could always have a really simple site with a link to the blog and the etsy shop. Or you could put together a simple shop within the site itself. Personally, I think linking to the etsy shop is the way to go. But you could have a simple gallery on your site with pictures of your favourite pieces, including things that you don't want to sell, but still want to show. :-)



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