Friday, July 16, 2010

evolution of an idea

image image

Recently I had a customer request a custom order. Her sister-in-law was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary (silver) and she wanted something that would pay tribute to her background, the year, and her love of cranes. Since most of what I have in stock is either very Christmas-y or golden, I went through my stock to give her a few options. She wanted something with white, silver, and a touch of red. Above was the best that I had available. 

As you can imagine, it just didn’t quite fit. So I decided to pull out the paint and come up with my own paper.

First I painted the page silver, then I splattered water on the wet paint and dabbed it off in order to get an interesting background.

Then, since it’s a wedding anniversary, I fused my love of origami with my lit geek background and used a red pen to write lines from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnet “How do I love thee”.

This is one of the final cranes:


Once she agreed to the crane, (I gave her several options to choose from before I completed the ornament). This is the final creation:


What is quickly becoming apparent to me is that I NEED to find a better way to photograph these puppies! The ball catches every single reflection in the room.

I built myself a makeshift lightbox (I need to finish the paper better…I know) but the results weren’t promising.

image  image

I took the first image outdoors (you can see the sky) and the next inside (with a cream coloured background) and you can see my kitchen! So the light box, really, is sort of an epic fail!

I’ve done some reading on it, and learned some new ideas, but have yet to implement anything.

I suspect that my best option will come back to this:


Embrace the reflections and make them work for me by making them atmospheric. I think that if I did a listing with the ornament on a tree and then a close up of a crane outside of the ball, I might have better luck.


  1. Hey! Yesterday I noticed that my camera has a 'behind glass' setting. I haven't tried it and I don't really need it but maybe you just need a camera with that setting? If you already have one and tried it and figured out the feature is completely bogus then I'm sorry for this comment. I have my doubts about that setting. I should try it out to be sure but I'm skeptical. Anyway, just thought I'd share regardless.

  2. Damnit! serves me right for never reading my camera manual all the way through... I might. Now I'm going to actually have to read it!


  3. I never read the manual either. too boring. But I dropped the camera yesterday (it's ok, it's shock-proof) and it must have fallen on a weird combination of buttons or something because when I picked it up it was at 'behind glass'. I would have never know about it otherwise.



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