Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new origami ornament

The other day I mentioned that I was working on a new origami ornament.

Here’s a sneak peek (of course taken with my iphone because I love it so…):

IMG_0082  IMG_0081

I’m actually debating listing them on etsy like this because I like the look of the picture so much, but I wonder if the colouring actually does the item justice… But it’s tempting! Maybe I’ll try it?!…

Next up, learning to take pictures of glass that don’t reflect everything in the room around me (much harder than you’d think!)


  1. I love the new ornaments!! As someone who is frequently folding myself, I think anybody would appreciate the simple luxury of them :) If I were shopping on etsy, I think it is cool when someone includes a creative shot along with their product shots. If we have 5 photos to use, why not use one that is funky and cool?

    From one papercrafter to another -- awesome blog. I found you on the Etsy forums :)

  2. These are amazing but not sure how the colour would come out due to etsy's filtering but apart from that they are wonderful I have never tried origami but would love to meanwhile I will just admire yours. lovely blog and happy to follow



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