Monday, July 12, 2010

weekend adventures

It was a weekend of family, friends, and fun. Altogether lovely:

IMG_0162 IMG_0151 IMG_0156 IMG_0159

Dinner at a friends on Fri… complete with a tour of all their aquatic animals… I had a gecko jump at me from about 2 feet away and crawl up my arm…. how’s that for dinner and entertainment?


Swimming with my husband and some quality time at the cottage with the nephews and family.

Leaving the kids behind to have drinks and fun conversations at my sister in law’s party.


Paper folding and new creations inspired by post brunch adventures and discovering this artist. Discovering this lovely post by a friend and having a nice catch up conversation with another friend. And finally, dinner, way too many drinks, and vacation planning with my cousin in law and his girlfriend (can we say excited much? 4 days in a cottage on the lake in Tremblant… so looking forward to it)!

All in all, it was a good weekend and it was nice to be able to see so many loved ones this week!

Best of all: my husband has FINALLY settled on an international vacation destination after weeks of angst. Cuba, we’ll be seeing you again in 2 weeks!

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