Tuesday, August 31, 2010

adventures in canning

I don't know how all the Italian mamas do it. I decided to can my own tomato sauce this year, and 45lbs of tomatoes and I got next to nothing in the way of sauce. Seriously! It's not that it's hard to make tomato sauce. But it's really time consuming. All afternoon and evening on Sunday was spent boiling, straining, and canning tomatoes. And while I have a fair amount of jars... it's by no means enough for the year.

The question is, do I do it again next weekend? Or do I move on to a new vegetable/canning experiment?

(I made one jar of canned red peppers from the peppers in our garden... that's all there was enough for)!


  1. You'll be happy you did it when winter comes and you have all that great sauce in the freezer! Beautiful blog : )

  2. Thanks!
    It's true, now that my hands have stopped hurting from all the canning mishaps I visited upon them, I'm actually quite pleased with my collection!



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