Monday, August 9, 2010

going back to school vs finding time for art

A conversation with someone from work today has me contemplating, once again, the merits of heading back to the classroom for another expensive piece of paper to further my work qualifications.

For those of you not in the know, I’m in Education, working in a writing/tutoring/learning disabilities center in a local college. My primary role is to work with students with learning disabilities. I have no training in this. None. Oh, I’ve attended conferences and local workshops, but I’ve never really learned how to teach/tutor this student population. And my new top supervisor is really on board with developing this aspect of my job and spending money on this area of student services in order to really provide excellent services to the emerging, growing (hell busting at the seams) student population that fits into this category (yes, that’s the bureaucratic side of my job speaking… student category instead of people….).

And while I love the idea of getting training specifically geared towards helping these students, and I know that it would be invaluable for my professional development, but I can’t help wondering….

If I go back to school… what will happen to my crafty time?

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