Tuesday, September 7, 2010

de retour from the long weekend


This long weekend was busy. Between birthdays, stagettes, training, crane folding, and cooking/baking… the weekend flew by. One of the best things about this weekend though?

All the yummy foods!

The weekend started off right, with yummy Indian food. On Friday we went to one of my favourite local Indian restaurants, Bombay Mahal, for a birthday dinner. I’ve never dragged my partner there, because ironically, he’s not much on the Indian/spicy foods, but I go there often enough with girlfriends. It was nice to share a local gem with so many friends.

And then we ended the weekend with a bang by spending Monday cooking up a storm. Cassoulet, lasagna, vegan brownies, banana bread, and pizza. I’ve never made homemade pizza before (not that I made this one either… as Paul would be quick to point out),  but there was something satisfying about knowing that this pizza (see photo) was made from scratch. He made the dough, my tomato sauce, tomatoes, onions, and peppers from our garden…  It was simple, but yummy, and reminded me of the fact that I really want to strive to move away from store bought processed foods (hence the fact that we made so much food to freeze yesterday).

Can’t wait to dig into some lasagne for lunch today!

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  1. Please source your photos when posting them on your blog.

    For example, pizza above is actually physical and intellectual property of PBS:


    Thank you!



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