Friday, September 24, 2010

the etymology of Mariah

I don't know if you know this about my name, but let me tell you, I don't think my parents did me any favours when they came up with it! Don't get me wrong, I know, it's lovely. I've heard that my entire life and it's nice to know that people like the name. But growing up I hated it for many, many reasons!

1. NO ONE can pronounce it. In fact, I will answer to pretty much anything that resembles it, from Brian/Ryan, to Mar-ye-yah, to Maya. Oddly enough, I never turn my head from Maria. Then again, oddly enough, no one ever thinks to read my name and actually try it as a Maria with a y. Strange, don't you think?

Oh, if you're not sure, Marya=Mariah. Yes, like Mariah Carey.

2. Mariah Carey. Do I need to say more? When I was a kid, there was no Mariah Carey. But then that bitch came along and stole my name. Fricken hell!

3. Marya (Mariah) = a bitter, rebellious wind. Only to be trumped by the fact that I was a gasy baby and thus this was the butt (pun intended) of many jokes.

4. Mariah (from the musical Paint Your Wagon song And they call the wind Maria (pronounced Mariah)):

Away out here they got a name
For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire Joe,
And they call the wind Maria

Maria blows the stars around

And sends the clouds a flyin'
Maria makes the mountains sound
Like folks were up there dying


They call the wind Maria

Before I knew Maria's name

And heard her wail and whinin
I had a girl and she had me
And the sun was always shinin'

But then one day I left my girl

I left her far behind me
And now I'm lost, so gone and lost
Not even God can find me


They call the wind Maria

Out here they got a name for rain

For wind and fire only
But when you're lost and all alone
There ain't no word but lonely

And I'm a lost and lonely man

Without a star to guide me
Maria blow my love to me
I need my girl beside me


They call the wind Maria


Blow my love to me

Ack! Could it get any more depressing? Seriously? THIS is the song that inspired both my name and Mariah Carey's name. I'm thinking that we both share very sick cruel parents.

5. Mariah:  Black Maria (again pronounced Mariah): a paddywagon or police van for prisoners

Like I said, not a huge fan of my name! Seriously. It might be beautiful for many, but damnit, it's fricken depressing! The only thing that makes it worse was the fact that it was a coin toss decision. My father won the girl's name but if my mom had won the choices were equally depressing: Cassandra or Delilah were her picks.

I was doomed from the start....


  1. I was meant to be named Brandy (mom's choice) or Kirby (dad's choice) but they had a big fight and picked my name out of a tv guide. It was either Angela or Morgan. Yeeow.



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