Thursday, September 30, 2010



I mentioned a while ago that I was working on my first quilt. It’s white on white (cream and white) so you can’t see the details very well in the photos, but here are some sneak peaks:



Close ups of what I did with the hearts! I kept the edges raw and did really jagged uneven sewing for an artsy effect. And, bonus, there’s so many seams that there’s no way one of those hears is EVER coming off!


And the edges. I just have to finish off the back and polish up a few small details and then I’m done.

I’ve broken 2 needles on the damn thing! I’ve never broken a sewing needle before! Not ever. I enjoyed the free edges and sewing the hearts, but finishing the quilt up has become a bit of a chore. Probably because the end is sight, I’m getting impatient, rushing things and screwing up because of it (I did break 2 needles after all!).

If I can get the last details done soon to my satisfaction, I’ll actually be quite pleased with the project. Sure there are some mistakes (some of which I’ve covered up more successfully than others! and no, I won’t share them if you can’t find them!) but it was a new project for me and overall it turned out mostly like what I’d envisioned when I started it. Which for me, well that’s a big deal!

And, I’m also really looking forward to being able to devote my time to projects soon! I’m feeling the need to paint again.

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