Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Things are crazy in my world at the moment. September has been a crazy busy month and I’m looking forward to things settling sometime in the hopefully near future.

Though, who knows, I may be waiting until the end of semester to feel like things have calmed down. Which is not good news given that it’s only the first month in!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. But I am finding that I’m looking more and more forward to my weekends and down time these days.

5pm Friday is looking better and better!

In other news, less whiny…

  • I’m still working on my quilt. Soon to be unveiled, I just need to fix a couple of glitches first!
  • I visited Club Bead Plus and thankfully managed to restrain myself. But oy vey! At first it doesn’t seem like a great deal but if you buy enough, it can be (it gets cheaper based on the type of membership you have). I saw women buying bead quantities that put me to shame. Thank god!
  • I’m back in my Nia course, which I love, but this year because of my knee and my crazy busy work life, I find myself taking a fair amount of time to settle into the practice.
  • I’m watching a lot more movies lately. I guess it’s a sure sign that it’s fall! Happy Fall Equinox people (for tomorrow).

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