Friday, October 8, 2010

fall wreaths


I love this fall wreath tutorial from Alisa Burke (image from her site). It combines my love of recycled book pages/paper, and the idea of recycled/upcycled art.

My one suggestion, if you decide to try something like this at home (or if I ever get around to trying this at home), is to use an old metal coat hanger for the back frame.

Other wreath ideas I’m loving:


A spooktacular button wreath from Modge Podge Rocks! (Image from site) I totally made something like this for my Grandma when I was a kid. (Mine looked something like this).

Or another fun modern fall wreath from Modge Podge Rocks (link takes you to this particular tutorial, where photo comes from):


Isn’t it pretty? If only I had a door this year where I could display such goods…  Stupid apartment living (don’t get me wrong, my apartment is lovely… just not wreath decor worthy).

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