Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 confessions of a messy crafter

A recent podcast about being your more authentic self on the web from SisterDiane’s CraftyPod Podcast, got me to thinking about the ways that we represent ourselves online or more specifically the ways that I represent myself online.

Aside from discussing wedding planning woes or political rants, I think that I try  to keep my posts positive on this blog. To be fair, part of the reason for my reticence to go into the more negative sides of my daily life or crafting world has less to do with wanting to maintain a professional persona on the web and more to do with being aware of how certain members of my husband’s family would feel about discussions about the more private elements of my life.

And while I’m sure that the podcast wasn’t advocating for full emotional disclosure on our blogs, I can definitely identify with the issues that arise from the fact that so many blogs can end up making us feel like the blogger in question’s life is productive and perfect in ways that our own will never be.

I read these blogs and I end up wondering, “how the hell do they find the time to do it all?” And I think the answer is, that they don’t show the stress or breakdowns, or inside the craft room or office.

So without further ado, let me draw back the curtain:

1. This is my craft room on an average day (sometimes it looks worse)!


Yeah, my husband wasn’t joking when he made the comment about the craft bomb, aka Hurricanus Craftis, in his guest post about the perils of a crafty partner. To add to the offense, I haven’t mopped the floor in ages and it only gets swept when my husband ventures bravely forth to do so. (He spoils me… or just can’t stand my slovenly ways—either way, it’s win-win for me)!

2. I have a 10 foot list of things to do, but in reality I may only complete a few of those intended projects. Case in point: wedding scrapbook. 7 pages is enough to get a sense of the day, isn’t it?

3. I can be a real cranky bitch if you interrupt me when I’m in the midst of crafting. Yup. And don’t even try to talk to me when I’m focused on a craft project, I will literally ignore you unless I want to take a break, which of course wreaks havoc on my marriage, my communications with my brother, and my friendship/social life!

4. I never really read instructions all the way through. And when I knit, I never check gauge. Never. Ever. I’m a teacher who never listens completely to instructions and even though I know it makes a difference, just can’t be bothered!

5. I rarely make things for others. That’s right. I’m selfish. But I’m working on it and admitting it is half the battle, isn’t it? Right?


  1. I'm the same way!! Sometimes my craft room gets so messy that I think I wont ever be able to find anything (your craft room is so pretty by the way). I NEVER read the instructions either and I guess if you didn't know me and only read my blog you might get a sense that I'm super peppy all the time but that's not really what it is in reality. I guess I could blog about those times when I've tried to do something 5 times and had to rip the seams out every time and I ended up sitting in the middle of the room sobbing (not just crying, sobbing with the gasping for air and all) like a crazy person but I don't really share that with the world at large

  2. yeah, I have yet to blog about the fact that a project made me so mad and frustrated that I was literally swearing out loud at it. which I've totally done. when I made the baby quilt I went through ALL of my sewing needles because of how I'd folded the fabric (I have since learned what I did wrong...). but seriously, by the time I'd broken my 3rd needle, I was cursing until I was blue in the face! (I don't tend to cry... I swear... a lot!)

  3. Tell your hubby that he is very very lucky that the craft hurricane only "hits" one room. My arts tornado throws paint, brushes, canvas, sewing machines, air compressors, nail guns, and fabric throughout the entire house. Even i'm getting tired of my mess. ARGH. Maybe we should all invest in a studio space together - let our crafting storms reek havoc outside our homes?
    Love your mess though marya b/c it's the nucleus of crafting genius!
    love ya

  4. A messy desk shows you've got something going on! I don't trust people who have clean and neat desks :)



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