Tuesday, November 16, 2010

being a guest at a wedding, post wedding experience

It’s been busy over here in Marya-land. My cousin-in-law got married this past weekend, so we were fully immersed in wedding festivities.

We made our very own wedding card (yes, we, together, 50/50):


In an effort to really be present during the event, I left the camera at home (because let’s face it, if you’re busy taking pictures you tend to not be actually participating in the moment as much). But I had to share this one picture of the 2 of us, all dolled up, taken with my iPhone (you can dress me up, take my camera away, but don’t you dare ask me to leave my favourite toy at home!)


As my very dapper looking husband pointed out, it was very different to be a wedding guest after we’d gone through the process ourselves. Really. Different.

Just before our wedding, I went to other weddings with an eye towards the things they’d done (you know, scoping out what I wanted for our own big day), and this time, well, as I watched the day from the outside in, I found myself nostalgic about our own big day.  I actually found myself a lot more weepy than I’ve ever been before. And filled with love for my husband and the adventures we’ve been through together since then.

We grew so much as a couple through the process and it was a rite of passage that I may not have needed (I don’t think that marriage is required for a commitment), but one that am thankful for nonetheless.  And I’m glad that being a guest at someone else’s wedding helped to remind me of that and to put my own experiences into perspective.

And to my cousins-in-law… best wishes for a life full of joy, love and laughter!


  1. I'd say your husband looks more stunning than dapper!

  2. Ain't it great though?
    Once you've gone through this process (call it hell, call it bliss...) to actually just be able to pick a dress, throw it on and go out to have a great time!!!

    I LOVE going to weddings all the more now, because I can appreciate all the work that I didn't have to do to get there!

  3. Saffie, I totally agree with you (hell, bliss, and appreciation)!



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