Wednesday, November 24, 2010

block printed table linens—take one

So I’m about to enter into my first crafty partnership. The project? Making table linens with a friend.

We’re going to make napkins, place mats and table runners, using my paisley design block print.


Normally, I think, you’re supposed to use a glass surface (so that it’s smooth and non-porous) to roll out your ink, but since I don’t have one… I used Bristol board on my table top!

I used speedball water based inks and I’m just waiting for the block print to dry, so that I can heat set it, wash it, and see how it stands up over time!


So what do you think? Would it make it a nice napkin? Place mat?


  1. I think it would be a beautiful duvet cover pattern! Lovely!!!

  2. I would indeed like to take one!
    May I order a table runner please?

  3. @ange: Duvet? Oy Vey... let me print the first round of table linens before even contemplating a duvet! I'm ambitious but not sure if I'm that ambitious!

    @Saphora: we'll talk once they're all made! I'd be happy to make you one, but you might want to wait to see the finished product. Not that I'm not touched by your enthusiasm. If you're serious, let me know and I'll give you first pick of the final product.



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