Thursday, November 4, 2010

some of what i’m working on at the moment

Random updates from my world to yours.

I’m currently in love with this song:

I have too many craft projects on the go and none of them are particularly quick projects!

Here are a few I have on the go:


Crochet leaves on a chained vine. It’s for a necklace but we’ll see how it turns out. I may use it instead as curtain drawback ties.

More crochet in progress:


A crochet sweater. I’ve never made a sweater before, so this is a huge endeavour for me! I’m on row 14 of the first 30 rows…. and then the next 100 or something rows! Sad smile

And life wouldn’t be complete without a little origami:


What do you think of my mini origami wine glass thing-a-ma-jigs? I’m actually making the stars for a top secret project but thought I’d steal one to try the idea out. I think it’s cute and if you make them small enough they’re pretty sturdy (though a bit more challenging to fold). Would rainbow star origami wine thingies work for you?

The rest will remain a secret… hey a girl needs some secrets after all.

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