Friday, December 31, 2010

holiday recap

Now that the holidays are over (or close to), I can share some of the sewing projects that were given to family members this holiday season!

First up, the place mats:


Since they were for my brother in law, I opted to go with a simple, subtle flourish…. you know, so that the place mats could be still somewhat manly!

I actually used a stamp but had to clean up the edges because it wasn’t as deeply carved as my block print stamps are. But good news… now I know how to use my stamps for block printing…

Next up, Christmas holly table runners!


These were block printed from a design that my husband actually drew for me (he’s pretty artistic too… and sometimes I can coerce him into co-creating my crafting projects!) then I carved them into my own stamps!

And finally, setting the table (in our living room for more space!):

2010 815

Because I’m lazy, the circle garland is still hanging… I’m actually sort of tempted to just take down the red circles and then leave up the white circles! Festive living room, aka laziness, here I come!

It was a quiet holiday on our end, but still good. I hope it was the same for you on your end!

Happy New Year!

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