Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my first craft fair and other news


That’s right. This weekend I’m participating in my very first craft fair. I’m excited. And nervous. And mostly just excited to see how things going and get my feet wet! And get a sense of how things sell at a fair vs online through Etsy.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy making these:


And these:


It feels like there is oh so much left to do between now and Friday afternoon, my head is spinning. Spinning I tells you!

Things done so far:

  • Table cloth
  • co-sewing  56 various table linens with the lovely Fleur de Pixie
  • block printing 7 sets of napkins (4 per set)
  • block printing 7 sets of place mats (4 per set)
  • new ornaments (more to make)
  • printed out more business cards

Things still to do:

  • Prep my craft day kit (scissors, snacks, cash, decor and more)
  • Wash and iron remaining linens, then package them
  • fold mini cranes for ornaments
  • attach business cards to all items
  • mini stickers for prices

Oy vey! Maybe I shouldn’t have written a list—I feel more stressed now!

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