Wednesday, January 12, 2011

35 by 35 - project 365 {7}


So today I turn 34! I can hardly believe it. Honestly. How the hell did that happen?
I remember, a long time ago my mom saying at the ripe old age of 40, that she still felt like a 17 year old. And it was a life altering moment for me to realize that my mom felt so young and vulnerable despite her “old age!”
As I approach my mid 30s (cause at 34 I can still round down!), I find myself thinking about this moment a lot because on some level I still feel much younger than my years (not that I’m particularly old, unless you ask someone who is quite young!).  I might not feel 17 anymore. But 26, sure. Hell, let’s be honest, some days I still feel 7!
The last years of my life have been rich and full of blessings. They’ve also been hard and full of transition. I grew apart from one of my best friends, I got married, I became a quasi “mother” for my baby brother, started building a crafty business, amongst many other things..
While I’ve accomplished so many things that I set out to do in my life, there are still many more things that I hope to do in the near future. With that in mind, I’ve given myself a new goal:

35 things to do before my 35th birthday (Jan 12, 2012)

1. Complete the One Little Word project
2. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements
3. Get better at shallow Depth of Field photography
4. Sort through my digital photos & edit/store them better (at least those up to Jan 2011)
5. Learn to bake bread
6. Make my own incense
7. Learn 5 new origami folds for my ornaments
8. Learn how to make 3 new origami card products
9. Expand my etsy shop
10. Build a crafty partnership with a friend
11. Watch my middle brother get married
12. Travel to Sweden to visit with my lovely exchange student sister, Camilla (because it’s LONG overdue that I visit her)
13. Nurture creativity in my artsy-crafty friends (this is sort of unmeasurable, I know, but I mean just to keep encouraging them and bolstering by being attentive and support of their creative leaps of faith).
14. Get back into shape (work on knee injury and return to Nia or Yoga)
15. Make my own soap for 2012 (meaning make enough, cure it, and have enough of it ready for 2012)
16. Work on art journaling (try to create 1 art journal page/week)
17. Make my own organic vanilla extract from organic vanilla beans and organic vodka
18. Discover 12 new musicians I love (1 a month?)—I’m open to suggestions here people!
19. Read 12 non post colonial literary novels! No pulp. Nothing about India. (Ok, I can read those too, but they are above and beyond the 12 non po-co novels)
20. Read the news at least once a week. It’s shameful that I don’t and I can’t let my irritation of current affairs continue to be an excuse for wilful ignorance!
21. Visit the Montreal art museums as least 3 times in the upcoming year
22. See at least 5 live shows (small, big, music, comedy, theatre… doesn’t matter)
23. Drag my butt out to at least 1 Moth inspired Montreal storytelling slam!
24. Go on 1 shopping trip to the states for fabric. Yes, you read that right!
25. Buy & learn a new tarot deck
26. Finish our wedding scrapbook Sad smile
27. Learn how to make my own veggie Vietnamese spring rolls and peanut sauce
28. List all the table linens Viv and I made in my etsy shop
29. Do something special to celebrate 5 years with my partner
30. Read Anna Karenina
31. Learn to cook 3 Indian & 3 2 Ethiopian dishes: 1=Ethiopian Spicy Tomato Lentil Stew
32. Finish painting my very first large painting/canvas
33. Learn how to paint with a palette knife
34. Go cross country skiing
35. Remember to make more time for my husband, my marriage, and enjoying the every day moments of our life together


  1. what a gorgeous list!

    i'd love to recommend a few new musicians for you....
    lately i'm obsessed with
    ~serena ryder
    ~george (a band from australia)
    ~rosie thomas
    ~rose cousins
    ~imogen heap

    oh, and please blog about making your own incense. i'd love to know how one would do that!

  2. Great list! Rock on my sister!!


  3. Thanks ladies!

    @vivienne, thanks for the music suggestions, I'm slowly checking them out! I knew Imogen Heap and so far, I'm really liking Rosie Thomas. She might be my first discovery!

    I'll be sure to blog about incense making!

  4. I missed you birthday! Sorry about that! I'm catching up on your blog. Happy birthday!! Your list is impressive and from what I know of you, you're determined enough to get through it all. Hope you have a wonderful year!

  5. oh and for the books I would suggest The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley...if only because I'm reading it now and it's been a while since I actually wanted to finish a novel that wasn't teen fiction of chick lit.

    And I forgot to say, I will be in your car for number 24.

    And I hope that # 29 and # 30 will in no way be related to one another.

  6. @Viv. Thanks for the bday wishes. I was totally counting on you being in the car for that trip, don't worry!

    I'm reading Findlay's Pilgrim right now, but I'll be sure to add your suggestion to the list



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