Friday, January 28, 2011

fêter l’hiver!

A few facts about me before I launch into what I am SO excited about at the moment!

  • I was a student of the BC French Immersion Program.
  • Most of my teachers (not all) were Quebecois
  • They always (at least in Elementary School) talked about le Carnaval du Quebec
  • We often had a school mock carnaval when we were young, as a way to learn about Quebec history, culture, and events.
  • So I have been hearing about this Carnaval, which most Quebecois (or at least Montrealers) people seem to be indifferent to, since I was 6.

And now…. I am FINALLY, after 10 years in this province, going to see it for myself. And I’m excited. Super duper excited. Like Christmas morning excited. I get to see people doing crazy competitions on the St Laurent river, le Bonhomme with his habitant scarf, an ice castle and snow carving/ice sculptors, and so much more.

My camera is going to be in overdrive tomorrow.

Palais de glace

Pictures from the Carnaval website from the 2010 event. Aren’t you excited for me already?

Sculpture sur neige

Course en canot

I’m so glad that my cold is gone now. I can bundle up in my winter finery and enjoy the winter festival! I’ll be sure to post pictures just as soon as I can!

Vive l’hiver!


  1. I guess this means your ever-patient, lovely husband will have to stop early and often while you take your many photos.

    What a trooper...

  2. We know "Paolo" is you, Katie



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