Saturday, January 1, 2011

a new holiday tradition: the christmas album

Inspired by this post from Elise, I’ve decided to start a new Casar-Grant family tradition.

Of course, the idea of a holiday scrapbook isn’t a novel idea, but I loved the simplicity and continuity of this tradition.

So Paul and I bought an album and I added a little bit of holiday cheer (stamp) to it (because like I said, I was attracted to the simplicity of this version of the project):


Of course, in keeping with it being a record of our life together as a family of our own, I had to back track a year (cause I decided one year, since we married, was simpler than going back 4 years…. I am a little too lazy for that!)

So here is the first of our 2009 memories, here in Montreal, with Paul’s family:


And the second page, in BC, with my family (by the way, I took these pictures with my iPhone so the quality isn’t great but that’s ok since the blurriness sort of helps preserve a bit of confidentiality for my family…. a bit):


Here is the first of 2010: Christmas Eve with our nephews:


Aren’t my nephews just so adorable? Seriously! I love the age they are at right now, they are so fun and precocious and full of life! If you peek closely you’ll notice that my older nephew (on the bottom right) is wearing the Cars scarf I made for him.

Page 2 of 2010, Christmas Day:


It’s really sunny out today, so please excuse the photo glare!

Like I said, I liked the idea because it was simple. Clean pages, not too much work, and creates a history. The only thing I’m going to add is a separate page of just Paul and I (cause as a photographer I tend not to be in the book), which will have space for us to write down our memories of the season! A he said/she said sort of page. So 3 pages total, every year, for ….. a long time….

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  1. There seems to be something missing from the 2009 records... something about a gingerbread TANK?



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