Monday, January 10, 2011

one little word: nurture

january intro photo
So as you can probably tell, I’m on a scrapbooking binge at the moment and I’m currently hard at work on my January edition of my One Little Word album.
I chose the word nurture
I had to create a cover page as a pre-class project (which is the smaller page you see in the front). The course suggests using pink paislee sheets, but since I can’t find them locally and don’t want to pay a fortune in shipping, I’m making my own from old teaching folders. I’m sewing them and altering them to fit my project. I have 4x6 photo paper, so my cover page is only slightly larger than that.
So, because I love Indian motifs, I decided to use it as my inspiration on my January page.
This is my January page, but I think I’ll change some of the cards out because I’m not crazy about all of them.
Here are the January pages:
I took my picture standing in our bedroom and was surprised by how great the red wall worked as a backdrop. (Though I had to crop out the laundry basket, my jewelry and my make-up on the dresser)!
So that’s it for this month. See you again next month!

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