Tuesday, January 25, 2011

origami bookmark notebook

In the summer, I attended a book binding course at SQUAM (I think they actually spell it sqam, but whatever), and I’ve been meaning to put those skills to use ever since. Here’s my first attempt to infuse my simple book binding skills with some origami art:


The pictures are really stylized, but the booklet is about 4x6, with about 30 pages and the binding string doubles as a butterfly origami bookmark.


This particular bookmark has a small clear swarovski crystal but I think I will use a smaller bead in the next models because the bead is a bit clunky in the book and will probably damage the pages over time.


As you can see in the close ups, the butterflies aren’t perfect (this is my mock up for me) but will be when I make “official” ones for the shop. My goal here was really to get the logistics of the ribbon down in order to see how the bookmark will hang in the book.

Things to change:

  • bead needs to be smaller
  • butterflies need to match up better
  • stitching needs to be higher in order for the bookmark to hang better (cleaner)… that seems wrong to write, but I know what I mean… so yeah…

35 by 35 goal status: in progress!

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