Thursday, January 20, 2011

project 365 — days {13, 14, 15, 16}

A sample of my life over the past 4 days….

day {13}


My cat, annoyed with being the star of yet another daily photograph, shoots me the evil eye!

day {14}


Paw prints in the snow. Mayla, the wonder cat see above, hates the snow. In fact, when we let her out, she will go out of her way to avoid touching the snow. And when she enters the house, she spends a few moments shaking said snow off her paws, licking them clean, and then going to her food bowl. It’s her ritual and it’s extremely funny, if a bit annoying! (mostly because she meows to get out only to want back in right away, comes in, and wants to go back out again in 5 minutes).

day {15}


I’ve been sick. Which means that I’ve spent a lot of time with my favourite owl mug in hand. Filled with chai tea. I’ve drank so much chai tea lately I actually had to go out and buy more milk just so that I could have more. So sad… :(

day {16}


Again with the sick… and liquids. My world has shrunk down to quality cat time and liquids. So very, very sad… and extremely uninteresting!

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