Monday, February 14, 2011

a little love goes a long way, so a lotta love goes even further…

So I’ve been told by my middle brother that I need to put up less cat photos on my blog cause I’m starting to look like a crazy cat lady!

Don’t you just love brothers?

Since it’s Valentine’s day, I would just like to take a moment to share some of the ways that my lovely, wonderful husband spoiled me this year, even after writing this blog post about the big V day.

He took me to a concert:


The group, Straight No Chaser, wasn’t something that I’d have normally signed up for myself. But honestly. They were awesome. Funny and great singers. Best performance of the concert? Toss up between their Lady Gaga mash up and their Staying Alive/Superstition mash up.

Beautiful Flowers:


Need I say more?

And finally, V-day double date with Paul and my brother in law and his gf.


Yum, Tibetan Om. I love me some momos!

So even though he can be a jerk, asshole, or schiezer (all adjectives I frequently remind him of, endearingly of course) he’s pretty awesome, all in all. Love you sweetie!

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