Tuesday, April 12, 2011

more adventures in scrapbooking: news and memories

IMG_0895[1]I’ve been thinking a lot lately about scrapbooking and historical record keeping. When you look at older scrapbooks, they seem to be made up, in part of newsclippings and memorabilia, whereas modern books are more about photos, stories, and aesthetics.
Well I’d like to try to change that up a bit in my own books. I want to keep records of the world that is going on around me while I live my day to day life.
In the first page, news, I talked about traveling to Perth with my brother and included a few lines about the car chase from this morning that interfered with my morning commute (though the police did try minimize the impact and I actually made it to work earlier than normal) and another story about Japan and the radioactive fallouts happening there.

In the second page, not shown, the non confidence vote on March 26th and another federal election is paired with a dinner with family that happened a few nights later… not that we actually talked about the elections!
No intellectual conversations about politics… never mess up good company with political debate! Smile with tongue out


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