Monday, May 16, 2011

scrapbooking: trying to capture personality

I found this adorable B-day Bash * It’s a Party paper by imaginisce and knew that I had to use it to make a page celebrating my nephews:


Instead of focusing on an event, I wanted to try to capture their personalities. The younger nephew, above, is a trickster. He likes being in the limelight and is definitely related to the men in his family. He’s outgoing and inquisitive and draws people into his world without hesitation.


My other nephew, above, is quieter. He takes longer to warm up to people but when he reaches out to include you, it’s an amazing gift. He’s in school now and sometimes it amazes me to realize that I’ve known him for 5 years… he’s still such a mystery me in so many ways because of his shyness. But playing with him now means flying to the moon and beyond in his rocket ship or being part of the band (albeit always the back up musician) and it’s fascinating to watch how his school learning is making it’s way into his play.

Somewhere along the line I’ve become the artsy aunty, which is obviously fine by me, and I love spending time with them while their crafting. From one showing me their crafty room (just like mine) to stamping or creating sock puppets… I love watching them grow and their personalities emerge, change and develop.

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